If there’s anything I’ve learned in the online business world, it’s that definitions are wholly subjective. Meaning? It matters where you hear your information. So, to make sure we’re all starting on the same page, I want to dedicate this blog post to defining brand storytelling and copywriting à la Yasamin Salavatian. I’m sure you’ve seen these words being thrown around like hotcakes without really knowing what they mean, so here’s the difference:

The Art

Brand Storytelling is the art, the narrative that leads the audience to create an emotional connection with you, your service, or your brand. It serves as the basis of nurturing, the process of welcoming or onboarding your audience, introducing them to your brand, your content, and your purpose through authentic personal anecdotes. It’s the art of hosting…digitally – a human experience.

The Science

Copywriting is the science, the narrative that leads to the sale. Using an arsenal of formulas, templates, and widely accepted storylines, it’s the science of conversion. It combines writing with various sales techniques and human psychology. The process includes the use of best practices and tools to measure and optimize sales and, ultimately, considers return on investment (ROI) the greatest metric of all. And most importantly? It always includes a call to action (CTA).

Understanding the differences and similarities between brand storytelling and copywriting can help you decide which one to use. My program, The Signature Storytelling Style, is designed to help business owners share on behalf of their brand, using a blend of both brand storytelling and copywriting. Because, at the end of the day, you want to imbue your marketing with both in order to build trust and offer a solution – all in the same wavelength.

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Brand Storytelling versus Copywriting: What’s the Difference?