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it’s time to lead with your story and earn a living doing what you love

This 7-week storytelling intensive is for intentional CEOs (like you!) to bring yourself and your story to the forefront of your marketing. Why? Because who you are…matters

is the intersection of

How do you feel about your marketing?

(pick one)

Admit it - it’s the bane of your existence.

Let’s be honest…brutally honest:

This line of questioning is triggering.

I’m at the corner of uninspired and overwhelmed.

Categorically neutral, personally unwell.

I’m okay with it.

I’m confident, but I’m ready to fall in love.


Until you learn how to fall in love with the practice and process of marketing, you’ll keep spinning…across all platforms.






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So, how can you change your relationship status?


The truth is, your stories are a treasure-trove of marketing materials waiting to be unlocked.

Stories connect.
Stories resonate.
Stories communicate brand values, pillars, characteristics, and opinions to your audience in a radically dynamic way.

With storytelling as the backbone of your marketing plan, you'll always have something to say. 

Pour Into Your Marketing 


CEO Storytelling

A welcoming space that celebrates the art of empathetic leadership, with threads of:

Dynamic Authenticity


Radical Self-Acceptance

Radical Self-Acceptance

Diversity of Thought

of Thought

Evocative Creativity


Transparent Authority

Transparent Authority


To share, you have to believe that what you’re sharing is worth being heard. Here, we’ll explore how you’re currently showing up and what it’ll take to reach the next level.

Core Topics We’ll unCover:

01. The Intersection of Self-Belief & Storytelling

You’re an expert, through and through. Now, how do you show and tell others about your expertise? Here, I’ll teach you how to highlight your Thought Leadership so you can differentiate yourself from the very beginning.

02. Articulating Your Thought Leadership

Your clients come to you because of…you. So, what is it that you do oh so specially? How can you share your particular je ne sais quoi with your audience? Here, I’ll show you how to share your true gift(s) so your audience can get to know you (the leader behind the brand).


03. Sharing Your Transformation Intentionally 

Hot-Seat Coaching Sessions

Three dedicated 90-minute sessions for LIVE coaching - aka my eyes on your storytelling and marketing strategy.

Three 2-Hour LIVE presentations dedicated to a core topic with ample time for ideating and writing as we go.

Curated Homework Assignments 

Three biweekly homework assignments to help you flush out your stories on your own time.

CEO Storytelling Workshops

Experience A Hybrid Model of

Starting 2024...

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7 Weeks

3 CEO Storytelling Workshops
3 Hot-Seat Coaching Sessions
3 Curated Homework Assignments

An Abundance of Stories
(we’ll extract from the depths of your soul)

To wrap it all up in a bow:

CEO Storytelling is a fun, 7 week storytelling intensive made for CEOs who are ready to stop hiding behind the screen. Over the course of seven weeks, you’ll have ample time and space to strategize, concept, and draft your marketing materials with my pointed prompts and guided instructions.

Leave with my repeatable storytelling method, a bank of stories ready to be shared, and a rapid-fire live coaching experience that’ll leave you thinking twice about everything you were ever taught about marketing.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work, shall we?





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