need to get to know you. Like…really well. No brand questionnaire can replace the face-time, real conversation, and connection we forge to transform your marketing from the inside-out.

And the truth is – experts need experts too. The most frequent question I get asked is: “Yasi, can I keep a piece of your brain in a jar on my desk?” 

While a craniotomy isn’t in the cards for me, I can offer you my guiding hand. It’s my firm belief that it takes one expert to message a brand correctly, but two to tailor it to you.


must be involved in the messaging and positioning process for it to fit your frame. At every stage of the drafting process, we meet to make sure the language continues to reflect you. 

Does it feel like a tongue-twister? Or, does it roll off the tongue? 

Your ongoing participation and real-time practice shows us how the language feels and whether or not it’s a perfect fit.

Outsourcing your marketing will only get you so far.

Once upon a time...

I was the woman behind-the-scenes - secret weapon, copy confidante, and ready-to-write-it-all brand strategist. But, after years of working for so many of the entrepreneurs I admired, I realized: 

Now, as a Storytelling Strategist,


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define my working philosophy,

because high-touch partnerships yield high-level results.

She listened closely, took impeccable notes, and came up with a winning idea…

“Yasi didn't overcomplicate things. I felt like we were truly collaborating and that my brain didn't have to do so much heavy lifting because I was in good, capable hands. She listened closely, took impeccable notes, and came up with a winning idea. All I had to do was show up and fill in her brilliantly executed framework. It was stress-free....and dare I say enjoyable?!”

Shauna Haider

We Are Branch

She has an amazing spirit that’s fun but serious at the same time…

“Yasi has the incredible ability to really dive into the work once she learns about who you are. She has an energy that most people don’t. She has an amazing spirit that’s fun but serious at the same time. She makes hard work seem not hard at all.”

Erika Parker

Erika Parker Boudoir

I am beyond impressed with her intellect, intuition, and ability…

“Quite frankly, Yasamin is brilliant. I am beyond impressed with her intellect, intuition, and ability to streamline your purpose, story, and the experience you offer into a clear message and direction for your brand communication. And she does so effortlessly!”

Gwen Thompson

Thompson Haus & Company

Still following?

Good – I’m about to share my story. 

From Corporate to Creative

Picture this…

It’s the 2017 Big Pharma Christmas Party. I show up wearing a candy apple red dress with polka dots and Christmas antlers…with bells on. I scan the room, feeling the stares, and soon find out why: despite the memo to wear a merry costume, I’m the only person in a sea of black wearing any color.
In that moment, I finally understood why I’d felt out of place for so many years. 7 months later, I traded science for storytelling, and the rest is history.
Now, as a Storytelling Strategist, I welcome zest into my work, intentionally setting fire to the status quo. A not-so-traditional and unapologetically vocal, out-the-box thinker, I relish in using real human stories and anecdotes to showcase my clients’ brilliance. We start with messaging and positioning first, bringing the client’s authentic personality to the forefront of their marketing so they never have to fake the funk again
Working with me is like walking into a world full of colorful expletives, belly-laughter, aha! clarity, and big virtual hugs - or so I’ve been told. More often than not, my clients and I become great friends.

Partner With Me

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