You’re not new to the scene. But, in this season it feels hard to show up, let alone, stand out. You’re struggling to communicate the value you bring - the transformation - to your clients even though you’ve invested in sharpening your skill set, leaned into opportunities to learn from industry leaders, and advanced your own processes and techniques. 


It’s time to take the next pointed step: bring your brilliance to the forefront of your brand and own your lane within your industry.


It’s business as usual…but, something inside is not. You can’t quite pin down what’s wrong. All you know is that you’re no longer in love with the vision you initially had for your brand. 

What’s missing? Your fire. You’re experiencing a season of idle inspiration. Nothing is lighting you up or motivating you to take your services to (the) market.

Whether you’re expanding, adding a new service, or fully pivoting, it’s time for a (wardrobe) change. Create the business you’ve always wanted and bridge the brand you have with the one you really want



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It’s not that you don’t know what to say…
It’s that you’re not totally sure how to say it.

Let's Find the Message in Your Mess

so you’re never at a loss for words again.

Perfect-Fit Positioning


Where Personality meets Precision

Perfect-Fit Positioning™ is a one-of-a-kind foundational messaging and positioning service for business owners looking to differentiate themselves.

Part-coaching, part-deliverable, it’s tailored to you and fitted to your brand.

Complete with Voxer access, personalized storytelling strategy sessions, brand exploration, and writing exercises, we excavate your true…

Brand Messaging & Positioning
Tone of Voice
& Stylized Marketing Language

…to present and position your business in a way that’s reflective and deserving of the leader behind-the-scenes…you

My Perfect-Fit Positioning    Framework



Taking Your Measurements

You and I assess your brand goals and define the pieces and parts your message needs to reflect your core purpose.


Finding the Message in Your Mess

After identifying your purpose, I begin to draft your brand message, taking you, your industry, and your audience into account.


Playing Dress-Up

Once we solidify your brand message, it’s time to play dress-up. As you try on different styles and test your newfound brand language, I make all the necessary alterations.

The Outcome

Brand Booklet™, a document outlining the core messaging framework of your brand and unique components that make up your (personality-filled) brand voice.
Confidence and clarity in your one-of-a-kind positioning, ready to start sharing your genius both on an offline. 
Made-to-measure messaging and marketing language ready to use across collateral.
Seasoned storytelling know-how to facilitate a greater connection with your audience, potential clients, and anyone curious about who you are and what you do.
Personalized brand communication style - fitted to you, tailored to your brand.
Ownership over your positioning and pricing, so you can ace introductions and sign the clients who were always meant to be.

With fitted brand language in your arsenal, here’s what’s possible:

“I was confused and stressed out, experiencing the kind of overwhelm that comes from knowing you have a problem, but having a very limited ability to address it.”


“I’ve taken control of my marketing. It is now purposeful and intentional instead of being haphazard and pointless.”

“I felt like I was naked in public because my brand didn’t represent where I wanted to go.”


“The process of self-awareness and personal discovery grew my confidence and gave me the courage to step into a bigger version of myself and my brand.” 

“I was asking myself: Where should I put my efforts? In what places should I show up? How do I find WHERE to speak to my ideal clients?”


“Instead of jumping through all the traditional marketing hoops, I’m free to focus on what works for me and what feels most genuine. This helps me actually create a consistent habit of attending to my marketing.”

“I was getting a lot of generic client requests (i.e. very boring inquiries) and it was bumming me out.” 


“All the heavy-lifting we did behind the scenes to present myself and my business to the world does the selling for me. About 90% of the time, parties are coming not to weigh me as an option, but because they already know I’m the exact right fit for their project.”

“My results were terrible. I got the odd lead, but not much. I would get leads like, every few months. It was pretty brutal.”


“I’m developing a strong referral process and already seeing incredible results. I feel liberated, knowing that I can generate solid leads without the intense labor of a launch strategy.”



How do I know if I’m ready for Perfect-Fit Positioning™?

Perfect-Fit Positioning™ is an investment of time and intention from both of us. Whether or not you’re ready for messaging and positioning is something we’ll discuss during our consultation. 

Note: I only partner with creative entrepreneurs who are 100% committed to doing the word work.


What’s the investment?

Perfect-Fit Positioning™ is currently priced at $11,500. To secure your space in my calendar, I require a 25% deposit of your total invoice. The remainder will be divided into equal payments, to be completed before the end of our time together.


I’m in a time-crunch. Can you accommodate an expedited timeline for Perfect-Fit Positioning™?

As a mildly tortured artist, I’m not one to rush the creative process. The coaching program takes both your business obligations and mine into consideration. Perfect-Fit Positioning™ takes approximately 4 months to complete, but the variability is dependent on your preferred pace. If you need something in a jiffy, inquire about a Drop-In Workshop Session.


What about longer-term marketing support? Is there a way to continue our work together?

Yes! Each year I partner with a select number of clients to carry out their campaign needs. Longer-term marketing support is only available to clients who have successfully completed Perfect-Fit Positioning™.

“Yasi commands a deep level of marketing expertise…”

“Yasi commands a deep level of marketing expertise and I know she sincerely cares about me and my outcomes. Throughout the program, I was being cared for and guided by a true expert. The solid brand positioning and marketing I co-created with Yasi allowed me to secure an incredible contract with a multinational pharmaceutical company to host workshops in the United States and England. I was able to deliver transformational information to market leaders and forge lasting relationships with professionals in the scientific community.”

Jilliane Yawney

I’m constantly in awe of her…

“Yasi is a woman of substance. Every session with her is insight-rich, productive, and the opposite of marketing fluff. She gets to WORK. And watching her brain plow through complex issues to unravel into follow-able threads for her clients is mesmerizing. I’m constantly in awe of her.”

Hannah Lowery

Edges Wild Studio

She’s completely invested in her clients’ success…

“I truly feel Yasi’s ability to see people despite themselves, to recognize who they are at their core, to hear that which isn’t being said, and to lovingly push them out of their own way is unparalleled. She is completely invested in her clients’ success and there is no one I’d rather have in my business corner.”

Tiffany Weinbender

Ida Mayes Floral Design House




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