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"Whether its a rapid-fire five minute consult or a full-blown coaching program, Yasamin’s work is transformational. I feel like my business is unfurling wings it could only have dreamed of. Yasi knows what questions to ask and when, and is a wellspring of ideas and observations that cut the clutter and always, without fail, get down to the heart of the issue. A charismatic powerhouse, she critiques in a way that dignifies and emboldens—I feel seen, known, valued and challenged every time we interact."

-Hannah lowery, Edges Wild

"In working with Yasamin, I discovered concrete words, phrases, and stories that I can share with confidence. Confidence in knowing that I will be connecting with my audience, confidence in knowing where my place is in the industry, and confidence in knowing how to continue helping my audience with exactly what they need from me."

-Stephanie abbitt, stephanie abbitt

"Yasi encouraged me to embrace my uniqueness and gave me permission to be myself and carve my own space as a brand designer. With her, I unveiled my voice and from there, I tapped into a well of conversations that I wanted to share with my audience. Yasi is talented, candid and thoughtful. Her straightforwardness is refreshing. I no longer feel like I need to second guess what I want to say. And now? I use my voice and words to better connect with my people and catapult my business."

-Suzzanne Gamboa, Siembra Studios



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