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5 Ways to Build Your PERSONAL Brand from scratch

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Clients Seen In

Clients Seen In


I’m Yasamin, Yasi for short.

I partner with you to bring words to your vision.

It was actually YASSI - with two s’s - until my parents realized the spelling faux pas during an unfortunately provocative Kindergarten presentation.

As a Storytelling Strategist, my role willfully challenges traditional marketing rhetoric, (re)defining your messaging and positioning to fit you like a glove (read: your favorite pair of Spanx). Together, we build a custom brand communication strategy so your marketing is always working for you.

Here's the thing...


I say...

Your character, core values, and personal traits... 

Celebrate (with funfetti cake)!

Health, wealth, happiness, freedom, legacy, peace… However you choose to define it.

How you share about your brand and communicate your thought leadership with made-to-measure messaging and marketing language.

Success comes when you own the fabric of who you are and pair it with storytelling strategy.

Floored by the Task?

I know the feeling.

Perfect-Fit Positioning     is a one-of-a-kind foundational messaging and positioning service.


Part-coaching, part-deliverable, it’s tailored to you and fitted to your brand.

Tying your words, ideas, vision, and brand together, we create stylized brand language that’s synonymous with who you’re becoming.

The result?

A dynamic, cross-collateral brand communication strategy built to grow with you as you evolve and step into your brilliance.

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New Orleans

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Early on in my entrepreneurship journey (read: corporate exodus), my husband and I were invited to an intimate cocktail party at an executive’s home. Excited for the opportunity, we arrived early. My husband? Sparkled. Standing tall in his experience and expertise, he was ready to introduce himself. I? Had just left Regulatory to discover my passion, and didn’t realize how unprepared I was for what would ensue. 


Kameron told me you’ve ventured out on your own! Testing out the waters of entrepreneurship?




So, what is it you do now?

As my heart started racing, my mind went into artist escape mode.

Tell me more


Should I...

Option A:

B-line it to the bar? Guiding our conversation to the closest wine bottle?

Option B:

Call for Kameron? Even if the ship was sinking, at least I had a partner on deck.

Option C:

Inhale an uncomfortably large-sized bite of cheese and crackers to buy myself a couple seconds of solitude?

Option D:

Be the adult professional I knew I was and…answer the question?

Tell me more


Tell me more



I’m trying my hand at copywriting… It’s been absolutely fascinating.


Oh! My husband is a copyright lawyer too! If you’re ever looking, he’s actively recruiting.

Kameron came up to me after, curious to see how I’d explained my transition to the creative world. 

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How'd it go?


It didn't.

For years my identity had been so tied to my work that introducing my post-corporate musings sent my brain into a system malfunction. Looking back, I had no idea how to articulate who I was becoming…or what I could bring to the table. The writing was on the wall: without work, I had no idea who I was.

I was at a loss for words, but you don’t have to be. 

Start again


She has a rare cannot-be-taught gift…

“Yasi is a unicorn. She has a rare cannot-be-taught gift: the ability to see below the surface-level of your brand to unearth a message and story that’s an expression of your soul.”

Sarah Ashman

Public Persona

Run, don’t walk, to work with her…

“She is a powerhouse strategist and an impeccable wordsmith—which in and of itself provides a top-tier client experience. She goes the extra mile to provide succinct, clear documentation for every project. She’s a true storyteller with hyper-focused business acumen. The best part about working with Yasi is her attitude, outlook, and personality. She is hilarious and kind, a true ride or die. My life is forever changed because of this ingenious woman. Run, don’t walk, to work with her.”

Beth Loughman

Tiny Elephant Studios

Having her eyes and mind focused on my projects always results in pure magic…

“The best part of working with Yasi is her ability to be both an incredibly imaginative, creative force and an equally effective linear, step-by-step practical strategist. This is a powerful combination. The way she views the world (and branding) is engaging and intriguing, and having her eyes and mind focused on my projects always results in pure magic.” 

Lissa Sandler

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