Kendall Parisi is an Art Director, Calligrapher, and Type Designer–a visual artist through and through. She founded her Fine Art Business and Event Branding studio, Bijou Creative®, in 2015 as a homage to heartfelt, hand-touched artistry. Today, her work blends functional branding with traditional penmanship, bringing to life original, artful logos, palettes, printed collateral, and stationery.

I partnered with Kendall to uncover her core values and clarify her long-term entrepreneurial vision. While she was content with building brands, designing websites, and creating custom stationery, something important was missing–her spark. With her legacy at the forefront of our strategy, we worked to develop a new chapter of her business, one truly aligned with her viewpoints on community, personal growth, and artistry.

To execute the pivot, I directed the positioning strategy behind her rebrand, giving way to updated messaging in the form of taglines, headlines, and brand language. I created personalized website copy to reflect her unique differentiation and share the news with her audience and industry.

Next, we created a print and digital marketing strategy. For her face-to-face interactions, we drafted a Bijou Creative® Booklet to pass to vendors in the event planning space so they could understand her new suite of services, timelines, and availability. 

To increase her brand awareness online, we strategized and launched an Instagram campaign promoting a new offering we created to further support her niching efforts. With her new offering, Brand Restoration, Kendall could now offer intricate design updates without going so far as to build a brand from scratch–something that was no longer of interest to her.

Our final project was the development and creation of her first podcast, En Pointe. Bridging the gap between entrepreneurship and mental health, the podcast would serve as Kendall’s legacy within the creative community. I led the naming, positioning, and content strategy, choosing to allude to her background in ballet while maintaining the podcast’s purpose: To shed light on the messiness of business, championing the idea that it’s perfectly fine to not always be on point.

With her new direction, Kendall is bringing refreshing honesty to what it means to be a business owner. She’s welcoming her clients, friends, and family not only to bask in the beauty of the end result, but also to value the hills and valleys in the messy middle. 

The Outcome

With her pivot, Kendall is experiencing:
  • Confidence in speaking on behalf of her business and brand
  • Clarity in her brand direction, moving forward with trademarking her podcast name and brainstorming a content calendar
  • Increased engagement and meaningful dialogue with her ideal client, repeatedly getting inquiries from those she wants to work with

Kind Words

“Yasi gave me confidence in knowing that the pivot, and what I wanted Bijou to be, was possible. It was a lightbulb moment for me when I started seeing the offerings and taglines coming together. I found peace in that, all along, I had been pushing in a direction I didn’t want to go in at all, and gave myself grace and the permission to invest in a pivot that would pay off later.”




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