As the Owner and Creative Director of Edges Wild, Hannah uses her floristry to tell individual human stories. A shrinking violet with a vast inner world, she’s a true artist. She moves through the world with deep intentionality, and her relationship with her business is no different. 

When I first met Hannah, I was in awe of her audacity. Located in the Deep South, there was no denying her market’s prevailing wedding aesthetic: Farmhouse Chic. Though she was surrounded by a clientele that traditionally favored smilax, white roses, and all things cowboy, Hannah became known for her whimsically dark aesthetic and sculpturally complex compositions.

I partnered with Hannah to make her differentiation her highly-regarded distinction. What started out as a foundational brand messaging and positioning service slowly led to us uncovering her floral philosophy. Diving into the depths of her personhood, we extracted her signature floral style: Folk Art Floristry™.

In defining the details of Folk Art Floristry™, Hannah finally had the words to share her artistic vision and aesthetic with the world. With an arsenal of stylized marketing language, core stories, and key messaging in tow, she learned how to articulate the meaningful tokens and rich symbolism embedded in her work. Now, she’s officially made a home for herself in her meant-to-be niche, inviting both colleagues and clients to viscerally feel the artistic ethos behind her brand.

The Outcome

With updated messaging and positioning, Hannah has seen a:
  • 300% increase in her project minimum
  • 75% increase in her freelance design rate
  • Series of $20,000 consecutive revenue-generating months 

Using her genuine voice in every space she inhabits, Hannah is truly embodying her brand. She’s consistently booking her ideal clients, like-minded individuals who are deeply invested in her and her distinctive floral style. As she continues to expand her business through intentional marketing and networking efforts, Hannah is breaking free from playing small, laying the groundwork for Edges Wild Studio to bloom within the Houston art community.

Kind Words

“As a word-nerd, the wording used to describe what I do and my style of design has created a huge positive shift for me. It’s infused me with confidence to talk about my brand in such a way that it’s obvious to potential clients and collaborators what makes it more compelling than competitors’ brands.

It’s almost stealth-marketing in that way; I never have to sound salesy. All the heavy-lifting Yasi and I did behind the scenes to present myself and my business to the world does the selling for me. I see the change practically in the way parties are booking me - about 90% of the time they are coming not to weigh me as an option, but because they already know I’m the exact right fit for their project.”




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