World-traveling Film Photographer Erika Parker captures love in its highest form. From weddings to boudoir, Erika uses her camera and editorial genius to help women cultivate a sense of confidence, self-love, and joy. 

In partnering with Erika, my primary focus was to highlight her professional background in mental health and trauma-informed care. It was time for us to finally introduce the real woman behind the lens – Dr. Erika Parker. We updated her positioning to tie her life’s work into her life’s purpose: helping others overcome their own negative self-perceptions. 

Her pursuit?

To redefine boudoir, a photographic style notoriously known for objectifying women.

Nestled in the bustling heart of New Orleans, Erika’s boudoir studio exists to host empowering experiences and pour into personal wellness. She engaged me to help bring her revolutionary service to the forefront of her brand. Together, we crafted inclusive, body-positive language to show Erika’s transformational film photography experience through her digital persona.

With updated brand messaging, positioning, and stylized marketing language, we solidified and amplified her boudoir philosophy. In the process of reinventing her customer journey, we built a brand experience and ethos of authenticity. 

Now, from the very first touchpoint, her digital presence mirrors her friendly disposition, showcasing her true voice and message - one that inspires women to see themselves through a loving lens of beautiful self-confidence and fortitude: hers.

The Outcome

With our on-going collaboration, Erika continues to:
  • Share her authentic voice with her audience, both on and offline
  • Celebrate her made-to-measure message of self-love, one that differentiates her from other boudoir brands
  • Revolutionize boudoir by presenting it as an artful and tasteful exercise of self-empowerment 
  • Redefine what it really means to be a strong, beautiful woman

Kind Words

“Yasi’s approach is different–and that’s her strength. There’s a realness in the feelings she wants to evoke. We sit down and bounce ideas off of each other, putting each other in our rightful places. There’s a lot of brainstorming and soul searching involved–an approach that takes you through finding out what you really want your business to offer and what you value most about your craft.” 




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