Vocal Empowerment Expert Jilliane Yawney teaches corporate professionals how to communicate with confidence. Honoring each leader’s individuality, her personal approach to coaching is rooted in emotional intelligence and empathy. Through vocal mastery and leadership storytelling, she guides her clients to articulate with clarity and speak with authority so they can savor (not suffer in) the corporate spotlight.

I first partnered with Jilliane to develop her core brand messaging and unique positioning as a Vocal Empowerment Expert. In defining her true tone of voice, Playful Prestige, we successfully bridged the gap between the performing arts and corporate professionalism. 

The result?

A dynamic personal brand – one that juxtaposes Jilliane’s lively personality and nurturing teaching philosophy with the intellectual tone and scientific nature of her vocal empowerment work. 

We strategically enhanced her intellectual property with data-driven storytelling language and custom informational graphics to make for engaging workshop materials, interactive social media posts, and story-first website copy. Jilliane’s elevated brand presence now reflects the ease and expertise she brings to her corporate clientele.

The Outcome

With updated positioning and unique brand language, Jilliane has seen a:
  • 500% increase in her package pricing
  • 200% increase in her business’s yearly projected cash flow
  • 100% consistency in marketing efforts such as email writing and LinkedIn posting
  • 22% increase in email list subscribers

She’s also signed 2 incredible contracts, one with a multinational pharmaceutical company and another with an energy infrastructure company, to host global workshops and courses, delivering transformational information to market leaders and forging lasting relationships with professionals in the scientific community.

Kind Words

“Because of all the work we’ve done, I find it incredibly easy to write to my audience. I have been 100% consistent since that initial commitment (a new record for me) and the best part is, I LOVE writing my emails. I love it because I now feel a new sense of purpose and confidence. The program process creates structure and strategy that empowers creativity and purpose. This makes decision-making and self-expression easier.”




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