Summer Suleiman is a Palestinian-American International Storyteller. A gifted writer, she began her career as a CNN Journalist before taking a more independent, entrepreneurial route with her New Orleans-based business, The Distillery. Conducting interviews with innovative entrepreneurs proved exciting and promising. Yet, with varying focal points to her writing (medical memoirs, health and wellness, personal anecdotes, business blogging, and content writing), her next steps remained unclear.  

We partnered at a particularly transitional time in her life. On the cusp of a new familial beginning and a cross-continental move, the multifaceted, multi-talented, and multi-passionate Summer approached me with a treasure-trove of experiences and interests to pull from.

Guiding Summer through the deeply personal process of self-discovery, I began to bring the seemingly disparate pieces of her story together. We next set out to consolidate her compelling story into a simple yet sophisticated streamlined narrative. The result?

A pointed path forward. 

In identifying her strengths as a personal confidante and pen-master, Summer regained her sense of self. What initially felt like a lost sense of purpose became an opportunity for her to understand herself and her client from a completely new perspective.

We dedicated the remainder of our time to crafting marketing material that speaks to the innovators, trailblazers, first generationers, and entrepreneurs of the world in Summer’s true tone of voice, Empathetic Empowerment. With a newfound sense of confidence in herself and in her brand direction, Summer can now intentionally re-embark on her writer’s journey.

The Outcome

With updated messaging and positioning, Summer is experiencing:
  • Relief and belief in her path, bringing levity and longevity to her business plans and brand’s future
  • A realization of her full potential, widening the possibilities for her writing venture 
  • Forward momentum in her purpose to help others disarm and deeply connect

Kind Words

“I felt like everytime I had a call with Yasi she kept me grounded, reminding me of who I was while also showing me who I could become. She was an anchor - there for me in a season of my life where I really needed it. At the end of every call, I felt like the possibilities for me were endless. And that was gold.”




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