Tiffany Weinbender is a conscious Floral Designer dedicated to bringing her couples’ love stories to life with artful simplicity. As the creator of Ida Mayes Design House, Tiffany harmoniously balances her time between her family and floral ventures. While she initially founded the company as a personal homage to her garden-loving grandmothers, her business was calling for a storytelling strategy beyond its origins. We set out to bring Tiffany – a mother, daughter, granddaughter, and floral encyclopedia – to the center of her floral brand. 

Guiding Tiffany through the journey of self-discovery, I evaluated her process from conception to composition. Diving into the details, I discovered that she operated the day-to-day production much like a fashion house. As part of her branding strategy, we updated her naming to reflect her process-driven practice, and thus Ida Mayes Floral Design House - the next edition and iteration of Ida Mayes Floristry - was born. 

Looking deeper into Tiffany’s floral best practices led us to uncover her distinguishing feature: a commitment to sharing flowers in their purest form - void of any dyes, preservatives, and other manipulations. From there, we began to develop brand-specific language to describe her floral style in a way that paints a clear picture of her client experience and execution.

The result?

A contemporary floral business with Tiffany Weinbender, the Floral Designer and Creative Director, at the forefront of her brand. With Minimalism in Full Bloom™, her new tagline, Tiffany now has the words to articulate the romantic, nuanced nature of the style and color in her work. She no longer feels confined by the limitations of traditional marketing methods. Standing in front of her floral style with poise and genuine excitement, Tiffany shares her unfolding narrative as she does her flowers: with an organic love for the process of art and design.

The Outcome

With updated messaging and positioning, Tiffany has seen a: 
  • 60% increase in her project minimum
  • 62% increase in website page views 
  • 659% increase in website click-through rate

Tiffany has become more confident in her brand image overall. In speaking more freely on her story, philosophy, and message, she’s seen a significant reduction in inquiries that are outside of her design aesthetic or project minimum. Most notably, she’s been able to live a slower, more intentional and balanced life without sacrificing revenue.

Kind Words

“I was incredibly impressed by Yasi’s ability to weed through my mess of words, ideas, motivations, and history, and see the consistencies that I was unable to connect. We don’t always see ourselves as clearly as others do and Yasi has the incredibly unique ability to see people. She not only synthesizes large amounts of information into a clear message but also finds you in the midst of it all. I have never felt as seen and valued as I did while working with Yasi.”




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